Hello I am Rui

I believe that art is the bridge to an artist's soul. It may not be perceived the same way the artist intends it to be since everyone has their own lens through which they view the world from.
My work tells stories of other worlds, filled with magic, technology, and the unexplained. My goal is to transport you through into these worlds - in the middle of it, experiencing it - frozen in time. Through both digital and traditional media, I tell these tales with both still and animated illustration. I would like to introduce you to my characters, environments and creatures. They are shopkeepers in the district market, they are angels and gods. They are bounty hunters traveling the vast lands. With intricate mark making, muted colours and dynamic lighting, I want to leave visitors pondering their experiences with emotions and awe. How will they perceive the worlds that I created?
My journey as an artist is never ending, my work undying. I hope to be able to keep traveling this world with you.

© Rachel Ong. All rights reserved.

Rachel Ong, also known as Rui is an artist from the sunny island of Singapore. Having a diploma in Animation and BFA in Illustration, they enjoy synthesizing mediums to create their work.Since a child, Rui has had an avid interest in knowing how films, animation and games are made and would watch the behind the scenes of the productions. This would lead to them pursuing the arts and venturing into the many stages of the pipeline to experience the journey to the completed product. Growing up in the city and with an amalgamation of cultures, their personal works often feature a sublime world and imaginative creatures. They have experience as a freelance art and animation instructor, video editor and book illustrator, and has also given life to several virtual avatars for streamers. In their free time, Rui enjoys taking care of their turtles, watching animated films and often practices to improve their craft.



Courier of C69

Celadon Ch

Smashing Heroes